ANT-MAN – Produktion hat begonnen

Paul Rudd

Wie Mar­vel und Dis­ney in einer Pres­se­mel­dung mit­tei­len, hat die Pro­duk­ti­on von ANT-MAN begon­nen. Auch die­ser Held aus dem Mar­vel­ver­se wird also auf der gro­ßen Lein­wand zu sehen sein. Es gab im Zuge der Vor­pro­duk­ti­on eini­ge Schwie­rig­kei­ten und eini­ges Hin und Her wegen der zu besetz­ten­den Rol­len und des Drehbuchs.

Regie führt Pey­ton Reed, den kennt man von Pro­jek­ten wie BRING IT ON und THE BREAK-UP. Die Titel­rol­le des ANT-MAN ali­as Scott Lang spielt Paul Rudd (ROLE MODELS), sei­nen Men­tor Dr. Hank Pym gibt nie­mand ande­rer als Micha­el Dou­glas und Pyms Toch­ter Hope Van Dyne wird von Evan­ge­li­ne Lil­ly (LOST, HOBBIT) dar­ge­stellt. Wei­ter­hin spie­len unter ande­rem mit: Corey Stoll, Bob­by Can­na­va­le, Micha­el Peña, Abby Ryder Fort­son, Judy Gre­er, David Dast­mal­chi­an und Wood Harris.

Es pro­du­ziert Mar­vel Stu­dio-Chef Kevin Fei­ge, aus­füh­ren­de Pro­du­zen­ten sind Lou­is D’Esposito, Alan Fine, Vic­to­ria Alon­so, Micha­el Gril­lo und Urge­stein Stan Lee.

ANT-MAN basiert auf einem Mar­vel-Cha­rak­ter, der im Jahr 1962 zum ers­ten Mal in den Comic­hef­ten in Erschei­nung trat. Er hat die Fähig­keit, sei­ne Grö­ße zu ver­rin­gern, wobei sei­ne Stär­ke aller­dings pro­por­tio­nal ansteigt. Scott Lang ist eigent­lich ein Hoch­stap­ler, muss aber zu einem Hel­den wer­den, um sei­nem Men­tor Dr. Hank Pym zu helfen.

Einen Start­ter­min habe ich in der Pres­se­mit­tei­lung aller­dings nicht gefunden.

Bild: Paul Rudd (ANT-MAN) auf dem SDCC 2014, von Gage Skid­mo­re, aus der Wiki­pe­dia, CC BY-SA

Press Release

Mar­vel Stu­di­os began princi­pal pho­to­gra­phy today in San Fran­cis­co, Cali­for­nia, on its newest Super Hero fran­chise Marvel’s “Ant-Man.” The film brings one of Mar­vel comics’ ori­gi­nal foun­ding mem­bers of The Aven­gers into the Mar­vel Cine­ma­tic Uni­ver­se. The pro­duc­tion also shoots on loca­ti­on in Atlan­ta, Geor­gia, which ser­ves as the base for the film’s production.

Set for release in the United Sta­tes on July 17, 2015, the film is direc­ted by Pey­ton Reed (“Bring it On,” “The Break-Up”) and stars Paul Rudd (“I Love You Man,” “Role Models”) as Scott Lang aka Ant-Man, and Micha­el Dou­glas (“Behind The Can­de­l­a­bra,” “Wall Street”) as his men­tor Dr. Hank Pym and Evan­ge­li­ne Lil­ly (“The Hob­bit: The Deso­la­ti­on of Smaug,” “Lost”) as Hope Van Dyne, daugh­ter of Hank Pym.

The film also inclu­des out­stan­ding addi­tio­nal cast inclu­ding Corey Stoll (“House of Cards,” “The Bourne Lega­cy”), Bob­by Can­na­va­le (“Dan­ny Col­lins,” “Annie,” “HBO’s “The Long Play”), Micha­el Peña (“End of Watch,” “Ame­ri­can Hust­le”), Abby Ryder Fort­son (“Tog­e­ther­ness”), Judy Gre­er (“13 Going on 30,” “Dawn of the Pla­net of the Apes”), David Dast­mal­chi­an (“The Dark Knight,” “Pri­so­ners”), Wood Har­ris (“Remem­ber the Titans,” “The Wire”), John Slat­te­ry (“Mad Men,” Marvel’s “Iron Man 2”) and Gregg Tur­king­ton (“The Come­dy,” “On Cine­ma”) and mul­ti-hyphen­a­te T.I. (“Ame­ri­can Gangs­ter,” “Takers”).

Based on the Mar­vel comic cha­rac­ter first publis­hed in 1962, Marvel’s “Ant-Man” con­ti­nues the lineage of epic big-screen adven­tures chro­ni­cled in Marvel’s “Iron Man,” “The Incredi­ble Hulk,” “Iron Man 2,” “Thor,” “Cap­tain Ame­ri­ca: The First Aven­ger,” “Marvel’s The Aven­gers,” “Iron Man 3,” “Thor: The Dark World,” “Cap­tain Ame­ri­ca: The Win­ter Sol­dier,” “Guar­di­ans of the Gala­xy” and the upco­m­ing Marvel’s “Aven­gers: Age of Ultron.”

Armed with the asto­nis­hing abi­li­ty to shrink in sca­le but incre­a­se in strength, con-man Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) must embrace his inner-hero and help his men­tor, Dr. Hank Pym (Micha­el Dou­glas), pro­tect the secret behind his spec­ta­cu­lar Ant-Man suit from a new genera­ti­on of towe­ring thre­ats. Against see­min­gly insur­moun­ta­ble obsta­cles, Pym and Lang must plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.

Marvel’s “Ant-Man” is pro­du­ced by Mar­vel Stu­di­os’ pre­si­dent, Kevin Fei­ge, with Lou­is D’Esposito, Alan Fine, Vic­to­ria Alon­so, Micha­el Gril­lo and Stan Lee ser­ving as exe­cu­ti­ve producers.

Direc­tor Pey­ton Reed’s crea­ti­ve team also inclu­des Oscar® win­ning cine­ma­to­gra­pher Rus­sell Car­pen­ter (“Tita­nic,” “21”), pro­duc­tion desi­gner Shepp­ard Fran­kel (“Iden­ti­ty Thief,” “Hor­ri­ble Bos­ses”) cos­tu­me desi­gner Sam­my Shel­don Dif­fer (“X‑Men: First Class,” “Kick Ass”), visu­al effects super­vi­sor Jake Mor­ri­son (Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World,” “The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers”), stunt coör­di­na­tor Jeff Hab­ber­stad (Marvel’s “Iron Man 3,” “X‑Men: Days of Future Past”) and six-time Oscar® nomi­nee, spe­cial effects super­vi­sor Dan Sudik (“Cap­tain Ame­ri­ca: The Win­ter Sol­dier,” “Marvel’s The Aven­gers”).  The edi­tors inclu­de Dan Leben­tal, ACE (Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World,” Marvel’s “Iron Man”) and Col­by Par­ker Jr. (“Lone Sur­vi­vor,” “Han­cock”).

Mar­vel Stu­di­os’ upco­m­ing release sche­du­le inclu­des Marvel’s “Aven­gers: Age of Ultron” on May 1, 2015, Marvel’s “Cap­tain Ame­ri­ca 3” on May 6, 2016, and Marvel’s “Guar­di­ans of the Gala­xy 2,” on July 28, 2017.

Mar­vel Stu­di­os con­ti­nued its unpre­ce­den­ted suc­cess in 2014 with more record-brea­king films inclu­ding the #1 relea­ses of Marvel’s “Cap­tain Ame­ri­ca: The Win­ter Sol­dier,” which recor­ded the lar­gest April ope­ning of all time at $95 mil­li­on and Marvel’s “Guar­di­ans of the Gala­xy,” which recor­ded the lar­gest August ope­ning of all time with $94.1 mil­li­on. Both films were the #1 film in the world when they were released on April 4, 2014 and August 1, 2014, respectively.

In 2013 Mar­vel Stu­di­os deli­ve­r­ed #1 ope­nings for Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World,” which gros­sed over $640 mil­li­on world­wi­de and Marvel’s “Iron Man 3,” which gros­sed over $1.2 bil­lon world­wi­de and was the hig­hest gros­sing film of the calen­dar year.

In 2012 the stu­dio pro­du­ced the cri­ti­cal­ly acc­lai­med “Marvel’s The Aven­gers,” which set the all-time, domestic 3‑day wee­kend box office record at $207.4 mil­li­on. The film, which shat­te­red both domestic and inter­na­tio­nal box office records, is Disney’s hig­hest-gros­sing glo­bal and domestic release of all time and mar­ked the studio’s fifth film to gross more than $1 bil­li­on worldwide.

In the sum­mer of 2011, Mar­vel suc­cess­ful­ly laun­ched two new fran­chi­ses with Marvel’s “Thor,” star­ring Chris Hems­worth, and Marvel’s “Cap­tain Ame­ri­ca: The First Aven­ger,” star­ring Chris Evans. Both films ope­ned #1 at the box office and have gros­sed over $800 mil­li­on world­wi­de com­bi­ned. In 2010 Marvel’s “Iron Man 2,” star­ring Robert Dow­ney Jr., Gwy­neth Palt­row, Don Chead­le, Scar­lett Johans­son, Sam Rock­well, Mickey Rour­ke and Samu­el L. Jack­son as Nick Fury took the #1 spot in its first wee­kend with a domestic box office gross of $128.1 million.

In the sum­mer of 2008, Mar­vel pro­du­ced the sum­mer block­bus­ter movies Marvel’s “Iron Man” and Marvel’s “The Incredi­ble Hulk.” Marvel’s “Iron Man,” in which Robert Dow­ney Jr. ori­gi­nal­ly don­ned the Super Hero’s power­ful armor and star­red along­side co-stars Ter­rence Howard, Jeff Brid­ges, Shaun Toub and Gwy­neth Palt­row, was released May 2, 2008, and was an immedia­te box office success.

Gar­ne­ring the num­ber one posi­ti­on for two weeks in a row, the film brought in over $100 mil­li­on in its ope­ning wee­kend.  On June 13, 2008, Mar­vel released Marvel’s “The Incredi­ble Hulk,” mar­king its second num­ber one ope­ner of that summer.

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