STAR WARS – THE OLD REPUBLIC: Europa-Beta verschoben

Bereits zum letz­ten Wochen­en­de soll­ten euch euro­päi­sche Spie­ler zum Beta­test von STAR WARS – THE OLD REPUBLIC frei­ge­schal­tet wer­den. Dar­aus wur­de jedoch nichts. War­um das so war, erfährt man nun von Bio­Wa­re, die damit eine deut­lich bes­se­re Infor­ma­ti­ons­po­li­tik fah­ren, als bei­spiels­wei­se Fun­com.

Offen­bar ist man beim Ent­wick­ler kurz davor, eine neue Ver­si­on des Cli­ents zur Ver­fü­gung zu stel­len (das soll noch im Lau­fe die­ser Woche gesche­hen), die dazu führt, dass man die­sen kom­plett neu instal­lie­ren muss. Der alte wie der neue Cli­ent kom­men mit sat­ten 27 Giga­byte Down­load daher und man sah kei­nen Sinn dar­in, dass die Beta­tes­ter die­se inner­halb kür­zes­ter Zeit zwei­mal her­un­ter laden müs­sen. In mei­nen Augen eine nach­voll­zieh­ba­re Ent­schei­dung. Nicht nach­voll­zieh­bar ist aller­dings in mei­nen Augen, dass man kei­nen neu­en Ter­min nennt.

Zum ers­ten Mal sol­len mit dem neu­en Build auch loka­li­sier­te Cli­ents in Deutsch und Fran­zö­sisch bereit gestellt wer­den, das dürf­te eben­falls ein wich­ti­ger Grund für die Ver­zö­ge­rung gewe­sen sein, auch hier ist nach­voll­zieh­bar, dass man lie­ber die­se Ver­sio­nen tes­ten möch­te und des­we­gen war­tet bis sie fer­tig sind.

Die voll­stän­di­ge Mit­tei­lung aus den offi­zi­el­len Foren hin­ter »wei­ter lesen«.

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As pro­mi­sed, we have an update on the batch of Game Tes­ting invi­tes being sent to play­ers in the EU.

After a leng­thy dis­cus­sion here at the Bio­Wa­re offices, the decisi­on has been made to post­po­ne the pro­po­sed Game Tes­ting invi­tes for EU play­ers for a num­ber of rea­sons.

First­ly, there’s a new build of the game on the hori­zon. This is a major build, mea­ning the­re will be cha­rac­ter wipes and a new cli­ent to down­load. As you may be awa­re, the cur­rent cli­ent down­load is around 27GB in size. If we were to invi­te play­ers en mas­se today, tho­se play­ers would have to down­load the ent­i­re­ty of the cli­ent to access the game. There’s every chan­ce that later this week, the ser­vice will go off­line and this new ver­si­on will be rol­led out, mea­ning ever­yo­ne cur­r­ent­ly in Tes­ting will have to not only down­load the ent­i­re cli­ent again (ano­t­her 27GB down­load), but will also have their cha­rac­ters era­sed and have to start afresh. This is a rela­tively lar­ge amount to down­load in such a short space of time and not an expe­ri­ence we want new tes­ters to be expo­sed to.

Second­ly, this new build will bring about the first loca­li­sed ver­si­ons of Star Wars: The Old Repu­blic, which means tho­se of you that speak French and Ger­man will have the chan­ce to play the game in tho­se lan­guages, for the first time ever. We’re extre­me­ly exci­ted to be able to offer this to our play­ers and as such, we’re keen to get a lot of feed­back from Euro­pean tes­ters in par­ti­cu­lar.

For tho­se of you that may have mis­sed the messages we put out on the sub­ject alrea­dy, last week saw a num­ber of issu­es ari­se with key sys­tems that pre­ven­ted us from sen­ding out invi­tes to EU play­ers. Had ever­ything gone to plan, we would have been able to offer two weeks of tes­ting time to new users. Howe­ver, given the issu­es that aro­se, this was phy­si­cal­ly not pos­si­ble.

So while we under­stand that this news may not be what a lot of you wan­ted to hear today, we hope that you’ll under­stand our posi­ti­on. Given the news of this new build, it’s now more important than ever that we invi­te Euro­pean play­ers into the Game Tes­ting envi­ron­ments, so you have my word that this batch of invi­tes will hap­pen, it may just mean you just have to wait a litt­le lon­ger.

It’s also important to remem­ber this is just the begin­ning. In the future, we’ll be invi­t­ing more and more tes­ters to the EU Game Tes­ting envi­ron­ments as well as future Game Tes­ting wee­kends. So even if you’re not invi­ted to this next round of tes­ting, the­re will still be ple­nty of chan­ces to get invol­ved.

As ever, as soon as I get any firm news around the mat­ter, I’ll make sure to update ever­yo­ne.

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