Science Fiction-Kurzfilm: ECHOES IN THE ICE

ECHOES IN THE ICE ist ein Sci­ence Fic­tion-Kurz­film von BJ Verot, mit Anklän­gen an Moti­ve von H. P. Love­craft. Vier Män­ner unter­su­chen eine ver­las­se­ne For­schungs­sta­ti­on, auf der unters­ten Ebe­ne ent­de­cken sie etwas Unerklärliches.

Fil­me­ma­cher Verot schreibt dazu:

I wan­ted to crea­te a pro­ject that play­ed with Love­craf­ti­an the­mes, and ECHOES IN THE ICE is that film. The sto­ry deals with four men as they search through an aban­do­ned Arc­tic rese­arch faci­li­ty that isn’t on any map, and they are in no way pre­pa­red for what they encounter.
Some peop­le have said that, tonal­ly, ECHOES shares some com­mo­na­li­ties with JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING vibe, which I take as a gre­at com­pli­ment. Howe­ver, whe­re­as THE THING and Lovecraft’s AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS take place in the Ant­arc­tic, this sto­ry takes place in the Arc­tic, just north of the con­ti­nen­tal U.S. and Cana­da. It’s in our own backy­ard, and if you were to stumb­le upon this faci­li­ty, you too would find yourself in danger.
I typi­cal­ly like to shoot my films in 2.35 aspect ratio. There’s some­thing about sci­ence fic­tion films spe­ci­fi­cal­ly, that real­ly reso­na­te with that visu­al aes­the­tic. Per­so­nal­ly, I think it has some­thing to do with the wider framing in a nar­rower field of view. Ever­ything on screen is important, and you can use the nega­ti­ve space to your advantage.
Many peop­le have asked if the­re is a gran­der sto­ry to ECHOES IN THE ICE, and the ans­wer is YES! This could easi­ly be seen as a dark, and ter­ri­ble pro­lo­gue that sets off a chain reac­tion of events as the situa­ti­on con­ti­nues to escalate.

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