Für umme: DRAGON BLOOD-Trilogie bei Amazon

Aktuell gibt es gle­ich einen Dreier­pack von Phan­tastik-eBooks für den Kin­dle kosten­los bei Ama­zon, näm­lich die DRAGON BLOOD-Trilo­gie von der Autorin Lind­say Buro­ker. Worum es geht? Darum:

A thou­sand years have passed since a drag­on has been seen in the world. Sci­ence and tech­nol­o­gy have replaced mag­ic, which has dwin­dled until it has become lit­tle more than an ele­ment of myth and leg­end.
There are those who still have drag­on blood flow­ing through their veins, dis­tant descen­dants of the mighty crea­tures of old. These rare humans have the pow­er to cast mag­ic, the pow­er to heal, and the pow­er to craft alchem­i­cal weapons capa­ble of start­ing wars… or end­ing them. But they are feared for those pow­ers, and in recent cen­turies, they have been hunt­ed near­ly to extinc­tion.
The few remain­ing sur­vivors must find a way to change how human­i­ty per­ceives them or be lost to the world for­ev­er.

Enthal­ten sind die drei Romane Bal­anced on the Blade’s EdgeDeath­mak­er und Blood Charged. Erhältlich sind die drei Romane am Stück in Ama­zons Kin­dle Shop. 15 Kun­den­be­w­er­tun­gen ergeben viere­in­halb Sterne. Ach ja: Das Ganze ist in englis­ch­er Sprache.

Box­cov­er­ab­bil­dung Copy­right Lind­say Buro­ker

Stefan Holzhauer

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