STAR CITIZEN’s abysmal support: An open letter to Chris Roberts

Star Citizen

Tomor­row it is THREE WEEKS that I bought a game packa­ge, gifted it to a friend and it did not show up in his account (yes, we know that the email­adres­ses have to fit). Sin­ce then sup­port does not­hing, only thing I got was an auto­ma­ted message.

I want to share a few thoughts about this.

I play­ed Wing Com­man­der all tho­se years ago on my Ami­ga and I was exta­tic when Chris announ­ced that Kick­star­ter cam­pai­gn and that the­re would be ano­t­her game like it just with updated gra­phics and game­play. I threw in my money happily.
After that I wai­ted for … things. And they came, even if the agen­das were not met: so what? The team show­ed up on ger­ma­nys Games­Com and usual­ly was qui­te open and respon­ded in good ways to the community’s con­cerns. I was hap­py with this and did spread the word about a user-finan­ced game in deve­lo­p­ment I thought would be awe­so­me. I even bought some more stuff like ships and bug­gi­es and fish, knowing, that I would have to wait ages to do some­thing use­ful with tho­se. I told others of this game (I know of a lot who bought game packa­ges becau­se of that), wro­te arti­cles here on Phan­ta­News, adver­ti­sed for you. I was a fan. Pro­bab­ly a fanboy.
I am no lon­ger. This igno­ring of a pro­blem and you not being able to sol­ve this in a time­ly man­ner is infu­ria­ting. So you take your fans money but if some­thing goes wrong, you are not wil­ling to address the pro­blems in a time­ly man­ner? You can­not be serious?
I was in Colo­gne this year, for the big pre­sen­ta­ti­on in E‑Werk. And I was so flas­hed away that I bought ano­t­her ship, when I got home. I real­ly belie­ved that we fans mat­ter. That you want to plea­se us, that WE are crea­ting some­thing incredi­ble together.
But as I see it now, this all was only lies and smo­ke­s­creens and you are no bet­ter than any other games com­pa­ny. Even worse, though, in other games I get sup­port on short noti­ce. You just do not­hing and let me wait even lon­ger. You alrea­dy have my money, so what to lose?

As of this inci­dent I am no lon­ger a fan. You took my money and you do not­hing. My friend, who was on the revei­ving end of my gift, got not­hing. You told him in a ticket you can­not help him and I have to open a ticket, too. That is – excu­se my grammar – bull­shit. You could have told him in the alrea­dy open case to pro­vi­de my name and account to sol­ve this, ins­tead of laco­ni­cal­ly sta­ting that I had to crea­te a new ticket. You knew that it would take qui­te some time to ans­wer that and just kicked the can down the road. It seems that you are not in the least inte­res­ted to sol­ve this quickly.

I am extre­me­ly disap­poin­ted. I will no lon­ger sup­port this game, nor will I adver­ti­se it here on Phan­ta­News as I did in the past. I payed qui­te some money for vir­tu­al ships, which I con­si­der lost.

This is no way to tre­at your fans!

Image abo­ve is the pic­tu­re I now use as a hea­der on my social media accounts

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