Die BAFTA Television Awards 2011

… wur­den am Wochen­en­de ver­ge­ben. Die BAF­TAs wer­den hier­zu­lan­de zuguns­ten der ame­ri­ka­ni­schen Oscars und Gol­den Glo­bes gern mal über­se­hen, was ich per­sön­lich scha­de fin­de, denn auch der bri­ti­sche Geschmack ist inter­es­sant – und gute TV-Seri­en fin­det man dort bekann­ter­ma­ßen allemal.

Als bes­tes Dra­ma wur­de die Neu­in­sze­nie­rung von SHERLOCK HOLMES aus­ge­wählt; in die­ser außer­ge­wöhn­li­chen TV-Serie wer­den Arthur Con­an Doyles  Aben­teu­er des bril­li­an­ten Detek­tivs ins Heu­te ver­legt. SHERLOCK greift auch den bes­ten »Sup­por­ting Actor« ab, den erhielt Mar­tin Free­man für sei­ne Dar­stel­lung des Dr. Watson.

DR. WHO geht dies­mal lei­der leer aus, Matt Smith war als bes­ter Schau­spie­ler nominiert.

Die voll­stän­di­ge Lis­te der Nomi­nier­ten und Gewin­ner hin­ter dem »wei­ter lesen«-Link.

Gewin­ner sind fett her­vor gehoben.

Jim Broad­bent – Any Human Heart – Chan­nel 4
Bene­dict Cum­ber­batch – Sher­lock – BBC One
Dani­el Rig­by – Eric and Ernie – BBC Four
Matt Smith – Doc­tor Who – BBC One

Anna Max­well Mar­tin – South Riding – BBC One
Vicky McClu­re – This Is Eng­land ’86 – Chan­nel 4
Nata­lie Press – Five Daugh­ters – BBC One
Juliet Ste­ven­son – Accu­sed – BBC One

Bren­dan Coyle – Down­ton Abbey – ITV1
Mar­tin Free­man – Sher­lock – BBC One
John­ny Har­ris – This Is Eng­land ’86 – Chan­nel 4
Robert Shee­han – Mis­fits – E4

Gil­li­an Ander­son – Any Human Heart – Chan­nel 4
Lyn­da Baron – The Road to Coro­na­ti­on Street – BBC Four
Lau­ren Socha – Mis­fits – E4
Jes­sie Wal­lace – The Road to Coro­na­ti­on Street – BBC Four

Rob Bry­don – The Rob Bry­don Show – BBC Two
Ste­phen Fry – QI – BBC One
Har­ry Hill – Har­ry Hill’s TV Burp – ITV1
Gra­ham Nor­ton – The Gra­ham Nor­ton Show – BBC One

Jo Brand – Get­ting On – BBC Four
Dawn French – Roger and Val Have Just Got In – BBC Two
Miran­da Hart  ‑Miran­da – BBC Two
Kathe­ri­ne Par­kin­son – The IT Crowd – Chan­nel 4

James Buck­ley – The Inbet­wee­ners – E4
Ste­ve Coo­gan – The Trip – BBC Two
Tom Hol­lan­der – Rev – BBC Two
David Mit­chell – Peep Show – Chan­nel 4

Eric and Ernie – Vic­to­ria Wood, Peter Bow­ker, Tim Brick­nell, Jon­ny Camp­bell ?BBC Four/BBC Wales /Blue Door Adventures
I Am Slave – Andrew Cal­der­wood, Gabri­el Ran­ge, Jere­my Brock?Channel 4/A Sla­te Films and Alte­red Image Pro­duc­tion for UKFC, Chan­nel 4, Lime­light, JAC Rights Manage­ment LLP and the Film Agen­cy for Wales
The Road to Coro­na­ti­on Street – Pro­duc­tion Team ?BBC Four/ITV Studios
The Spe­cial Rela­ti­ons­hip – ?Pro­duc­tion Team? BBC Two/Rainmark Films and HBO Films

Being Human – Rob Pur­sey, Phil­ip Trethowan, Toby Whithouse, Colin Teague? BBC Three/Touchpaper Television
Down­ton Abbey – Juli­an Fel­lo­wes, Gareth Nea­me, Liz Tru­bridge, Nigel Mar­chant? ITV1/Carnival Films
Mis­fits – Mur­ray Fer­gu­son, Petra Fried, Howard Over­man, Kate Crowe?E4/Clerkenwell Films
Sher­lock – Ste­ven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Sue Ver­tue, Beryl Vertue?BBC One/Hartswood Films

Any Human Heart – ?Lynn Hors­ford, Lee Mor­ris, Sal­ly Wood­ward Gent­le, Micha­el Samuels?Channel 4/Carnival Films
Mad Dogs – ?Cris Cole, Andy Har­ries, Suzan­ne Mackie, Adri­an Shergold?SKY One/Left Bank Pictures
The Sin­king of the Laco­nia – Alan Bleas­da­le, Jona­than Young, Uwe Jan­son, Hil­ary Norrish?BBC Two/BBC Productions
The Pro­mi­se – Peter Kos­min­sky, David Aukin, Hal Vogel?Channel 4/Daybreak Pictures

Casu­al­ty – Pro­duc­tion Team ?BBC One/BBC Productions
Coro­na­ti­on Street – ?Pro­duc­tion Team ?ITV1/ITV Studios
Eas­tEn­ders – Pro­duc­tion Team? BBC One/BBC Productions
Water­loo Road – Sharon Hughff, Sharon Chan­ner, Fra­ser Mac­Do­nald, Lis Steele?BBC One/Shed Productions

Board­walk Empi­re  -?Mar­tin Scor­se­se, Terence Win­ter, Tim Van Pat­ten, Howard Korder?SKY Atlantic/HBO
Glee – Ian Brenn­an, Ryan Mur­phy, Brad Falchuk?E4/Twentieth Cen­tu­ry Fox
The Kil­ling – ?Soren Sveis­trup, Piv Bernth, Bir­ger Lar­sen, Sophie Grabol?BBC Four/DR/ZDF Enterprises
Mad Men – Mat­thew Wei­ner, Scott Horn­ba­cher, Jen­ni­fer Getzinger?BBC Four/Lionsgate Television

Cop­pers – ?Pro­duc­tion Team ?Chan­nel 4/Blast!
One Born Every Minu­te – Pro­duc­tion Team?Channel 4/Dragonfly Film and Television
Wel­co­me to Lagos – ?Will Ander­son, Gavin Sear­le, Chris King, Andrew Palmer?BBC Two/Keo North
The Young Ones – ?Lean­ne Klein, Tom McDo­nald, Micha­el Jochnowitz?BBC One/Wall To Wall Television

Alan Ben­nett and the Habit of Art (The Making Of) – Mar­tin Rosen­baum, David Sabel, Toby Coffey?More 4/Lone Star Productions
Fly­ing Mons­ters 3D – ?David Atten­bo­rough, Antho­ny Gef­fen, Celia Tay­lor, Sias Wilson?Sky 3D/Atlantic Productions
Human Pla­net – Bri­an Leith, Dale Tem­plar, Nitin Sawhney?BBC One/BBC Productions
Pom­peii: Life and Death in a Roman Town – ?Paul Els­ton, Dai­sy Scal­chi, Richard Bradley?BBC Two/Lion Television

Bet­ween Life and Death – Nick Holt, Mer­edith Cham­bers, Mari­na Par­ker, Ben Brown?BBC One/BBC Fac­tu­al Wales
The Dan­cing Boys of Afgha­ni­stan – Jamie Doran, Naji­bull­ah Qurai­shi, John Moffat, Mike Healy?More 4/Clover Films
Pink Saris – Pro­duc­tion Team ?More 4/Ginger Productions
Sce­nes From a Teena­ge Kil­ling – ?Mor­gan Mat­thews, Ruth Kel­ly, Ste­ve Hew­lett, Micha­el Harrowes?BBC Four/Minnow Films

Come Dine With Me – Pro­duc­tion Team?Channel 4/ITV Studios
Hugh’s Fish Fight – ?Andrew Pal­mer, Will Ander­son, Hugh Fearn­ley-Whit­ting­s­tall, Fran­kie Fathers?Channel 4/Keo Films
Mary Queen of Shops – Pro­duc­tion Team?BBC Two/Optomen Television
Pineapp­le Dance Stu­di­os – Jona­than Stad­lan, Pat Doyle, Han­nah Springham?Sky One/Pulse Filmes

Kids in Care (Pan­ora­ma) – ?Simon Gilchrist, Roger Gra­ef, Tom Giles, Cla­re Johns?BBC One/Films of Record
Lost Girls of South Afri­ca (Dis­patches) – ?Debo­rah Ship­ley, Bri­an Woods, Xolis­wa Sithole?Channel 4/True Vision
Secret Iraq – Eam­onn Mat­thews, Sam Col­lyns, James Jones, Phil­ip­pa Lacey?BBC Two/Quicksilver Media
Zimbabwe’s For­got­ten Child­ren – ?Jez­za Neu­mann, Zolis­wa Sit­ho­le, Bri­an Woods, Debo­rah Shipley?BBC Four/True Visi­on Productions

BBC One Ten O’Clock News: Han­do­ver of Power – ?Pro­duc­tion Team?BBC One/BBC News 24/BBC News
Chan­nel 4 News: From Chile’s Ecsta­sy to Congo’s Ago­ny – Pro­duc­tion Team?Channel 4/ITN Productions
ITV News at Ten: The Cum­bria Mur­ders – ?Pro­duc­tion Team?ITV1/ITN Productions
Sky News: Egypt Cri­sis – Pro­duc­tion Team?Sky News/Sky News

6 Nati­ons – Eng­land v Wales – ?Pro­duc­tion Team ?BBC One/BBC Sport
FA Cup Final: Chel­sea v Ports­mouth – Tony Pas­tor, Paul McNa­ma­ra, Jamie Oak­ford, Rob Hollier?ITV1/ITV Sport
For­mu­la 1 – The Abu Dha­bi Grand Prix – ?Pro­duc­tion Team?BBC One/BBC Sport
Wim­ble­don 2010 – Pro­duc­tion Team?BBC One/BBC Sport

LabUK/Brain Test Bri­tain – Richard Cable, Zoe Heron, Kathy Neil, Peter Harvey?www.bbc.co.uk/ BBC Multiplatform
Mis­fits – Matt Jar­vis, Chloe Moss, Owen Priest­ly, Carl Hodler?E4.com/ Cler­ken­well Pro­duc­tions & Kerb Digital
Mal­colm Tucker: The Mis­sing Pho­ne – ?Dave Addey, Arman­do Iannuc­ci, Hen­ry Coo­ke, Hen­ry Volans?iTunes App Store/Agant Ltd
Wal­lace and Gromit’s World of Inven­ti­on – www.bbc.co.uk/ Aar­d­man Digital/BBC

The Cube – ?Adam Adler, Nathan East­wood, Andrew New­man, Andrew O’Connor?ITV1/Objective Productions
The Gra­ham Nor­ton Show – ?Gra­ham Nor­ton, Jon Magnus­son, Gra­ham Stuart, Ste­ve Smith?BBC One/So Television
Have I Got News For You – Richard Wil­son, Jo Bun­ting, Nick Mar­tin, Mark Barrett?BBC One/Hattrick Productions
The X Fac­tor – Andrew Lli­na­res, Mark Sida­way, Nigel Hall, Richard Hall?ITV1/TalkbackTHAMES and Syco

Cathe­ri­ne Tate’s Litt­le Cra­cker – Cathe­ri­ne Tate, Sophie Clar­ke-Jer­voi­se, Izzy Mant?Sky One/Tiger Aspect
Come Fly With Me – ?Adam Tan­dy, Paul King, Matt Lucas, David Walliams?BBC One/A Litt­le Bri­tain Production
Face­ja­cker – ?Kay­van Novak, Ed Tracey, Mario Sty­lia­ni­des, Tom Thostrup?E4/Hatrick Productions
Har­ry and Paul – Har­ry Enfield, Paul White­house, San­dy Johns­ton, Izzy Mant?BBC Two/Tiger Aspect Productions

Mrs Brown’s Boys – Ste­phen McCrum, Mar­tin Dela­ney, Ben Kel­lett, Bren­don O’Carroll?BBC One/BOCPix and BBC Pro­duc­tions, in asso­cia­ti­on with RTE
Peep Show – ?Phil Clar­ke, Becky Mar­tin, Sam Bain, Jes­se Armstrong?Channel 4/Objective Productions
Rev – Ken­ton Allen, James Wood, Peter Cat­ta­neo, Han­nah Pescod?BBC Two/Big Talk Productions
The Trip – Ste­ve Coo­gan, Rob Bry­don, Micha­el Winterbottom?BBC Two/Revolution Films

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