…unter die­sem Titel stel­len Luca­s­A­rts und Sony Online Enter­tain­ment im Herbst die­sen Jah­res ein »kind­ge­rech­tes« MMO vor, dass auf dem Film und der Trick­se­rie glei­chen Namens basiert. Offen­bar im Sti­le des 2009 gestar­te­ten und eben­falls sehr erfolg­rei­chen Fre­e­Re­alms soll hier ins­be­son­de­re Kin­dern und Jugend­li­chen ein free-to-play MMO gebo­ten wer­den. Selbst­ver­ständ­lich wird es aber auch eine bezahl­te Pre­mi­um-Mit­glied­schaft geben und selbst­ver­ständ­lich gibt es auch die Mög­lich­keit, über Micro-Tran­sac­tions Goo­dies gegen har­te Dol­lars zu erwer­ben (was dar­an »kind­ge­recht« sein soll, will sich mir aller­dings nicht erschließen).

Neben der Mög­lich­keit mit dem Cha­rak­ter durch die Spiel­welt zu lau­fen, soll man auch Raum­schif­fe oder Fahr­zeu­ge wie Spee­de­r­bikes nut­zen kön­nen, zudem will man zahl­lo­se Mini­spie­le ein­bau­en, dar­un­ter auch etwas wie ein Tra­ding Card Game. Eben­falls mög­lich ist das Pro­gram­mie­ren von Robotern.

Na denn… Ich muss zuge­ben, dass mich CLONE WARS auf­grund des Stils der Ani­ma­ti­on so gar nicht reizt, aber ich bin ja offen­sicht­lich auch nicht die Ziel­grup­pe… :o)

Die voll­stän­di­ge Pres­se­mit­tei­lung von Luca­s­A­rts und SOE after the break.

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SAN DIEGO, CALIF. and SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – June 1, 2010 – Sony Online Enter­tain­ment LLC (SOE) today announ­ced the deve­lo­p­ment of Star Wars®: Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures™, a free-to-play, action packed vir­tu­al world for fans of the Star Wars: The Clo­ne Wars ani­ma­ted tele­vi­si­on seri­es on Car­toon Network.

Deve­lo­ped and publis­hed by SOE, creators of the cri­ti­cal­ly acc­lai­med kids’ game, Free Realms, and licen­sed by Luca­s­A­rts, in con­junc­tion with Lucas­film Ltd., Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures will launch online and in retail stores this fall.

»We have a long run­ning and extre­me­ly suc­cess­ful part­ners­hip with Sony Online Enter­tain­ment and look for­ward to working tog­e­ther on our next pro­ject, Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures,” said Mary Bihr, Glo­bal VP of Publi­shing, Luca­s­A­rts.  “Working hand in hand with Lucas­film, Luca­s­A­rts and Sony Online Enter­tain­ment ensu­res that Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures will be the most authen­tic and acces­si­ble Clo­ne Wars expe­ri­ence for kids and fami­lies to play in their very own living room.«

Focu­sed on crea­ting a fun and safe online envi­ron­ment for kids and fami­lies, Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures offers exci­ting minigames, dyna­mic acti­vi­ties, lively social events and thousands of cus­to­miz­a­ti­on opti­ons.  Play­ers can even batt­le it out with friends along­side ico­nic Star Wars cha­rac­ters like Ana­kin Sky­wal­ker, Obi-Wan Keno­bi, Yoda, and Ahs­o­ka Tano.

»Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures is the ulti­ma­te desti­na­ti­on for fans of The Clo­ne Wars seri­es and will bring the action and exci­te­ment of the show to play­ers online so they can expe­ri­ence The Clo­ne Wars uni­ver­se first­hand” said John Smed­ley, pre­si­dent of Sony Online Enter­tain­ment. “We’ve worked with Luca­s­A­rts and Lucas­film to crea­te a vir­tu­al world that is seam­less­ly inte­gra­ted with the TV seri­es and a true exten­si­on of the show. It’s also just flat-out fun to play.”

With Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures a new genera­ti­on of Star Wars fans can beco­me the next gre­at hero of the Repu­blic and take their right­ful place along­side the Jedi, Pada­wan and Clo­ne Tro­o­pers.  Play­ers can speed through space in a star­figh­ter, take out waves of batt­le dro­ids in Tower Defen­se or test their brains with chal­len­ging Droid Pro­gramming puz­zles.  Play­ers can also purcha­se legen­da­ry Star Wars out­fits, items and access­ories through micro-tran­sac­tions using Sta­ti­on Cash, SOE’s vir­tu­al currency.


  • Extend the Fan­ta­sy: Kids no lon­ger have to wait until the next exci­ting epi­so­de of Star Wars: The Clo­ne Wars ani­ma­ted TV seri­es to con­ti­nue explo­ring and enjoy­ing the Star Wars uni­ver­se.  With Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures, kids can go online to expe­ri­ence exci­ting thrills as you duel ico­nic advers­a­ries with your own cus­tom lights­aber, speed through the gala­xy in your star­figh­ter, defeat enemies and take down star­s­hips.  Adven­ture online to dis­co­ver your destiny!Play Free or Upgrade: Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures is a free-to-play game, but play­ers who want to take the galac­tic action to the next level can purcha­se a mon­th­ly mem­bers­hip.  Play­ers can also buy cool Star Wars uni­ver­se items from wit­hin the game through micro-tran­sac­tions using Sta­ti­on Cash.
  • Minigames & More: From Droid Pro­gramming to Spee­der Bike Racing, Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures puts you in the dri­ver seat to expe­ri­ence epic action in immer­si­ve minigames that take you to your favo­ri­te loca­ti­ons in the gala­xy.  Beco­me the proud owner of a tri­cked out Droid pet or throw a par­ty in your play­er house – the fun is endless!
  • Fun With Friends: Whe­ther you are on adven­tures with old friends or com­pe­ting for lea­der­board sta­tus with new ones, Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures is a lively vir­tu­al world that con­nects play­ers in fun and safe ways.  Show off your achie­ve­ments in your Tro­phy Room, use safe chat and emo­ti­cons to express yourself and cele­bra­te in-world events with the ent­i­re galaxy!
  • Embed­ded Card Game: Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures card batt­les lets play­ers pit a varie­ty of fun cha­rac­ters, crea­tures and vehi­cles from The Clo­ne Wars tele­vi­si­on show against one ano­t­her in a uni­que, fast-paced com­bat simi­lar to the game­play styles of tra­di­tio­nal games such as War and Concentration.
  • Kid-Friend­ly: Paren­tal con­trols allow for the cus­to­miz­a­ti­on of safe­ty opti­ons, inclu­ding pre-can­ned chat and play­ti­me set­tings for youn­ger players.

Com­ing this fall, Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures is the ulti­ma­te vir­tu­al desti­na­ti­on for a new genera­ti­on of Star Wars fans.  Clo­ne Wars Adven­tures, the For­ce is in you.

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Sony Online Enter­tain­ment LLC (SOE) is a reco­gni­zed world­wi­de lea­der in mas­si­ve­ly mul­ti­play­er online games, with hund­reds of thousands of sub­scri­bers around the glo­be. SOE crea­tes, deve­lo­ps and pro­vi­des com­pel­ling enter­tain­ment for the per­so­nal com­pu­ter, online game con­so­le and wire­less devices. Known for its block­bus­ter fran­chi­ses and hit tit­les inclu­ding Ever­Quest®, Ever­Quest® II, Cham­pions of Nor­rath®, Untold Legends™, Pla­netS­ide®, and Star Wars Gala­xies, as well as the recent kids’ phe­no­me­non Free Realms™, SOE con­ti­nues to rede­fi­ne the busi­ness of online gaming and the crea­ti­on of acti­ve play­er com­mu­nities while intro­du­cing new gen­res on all enter­tain­ment plat­forms. Head­quar­te­red in San Die­go, CA, with addi­tio­nal deve­lo­p­ment stu­di­os in Aus­tin, TX, Seat­tle, WA, Den­ver, CO, and Tuc­son, AZ, SOE has an array of cut­ting-edge games in deve­lo­p­ment across various plat­forms and gen­res for audi­en­ces of all ages.

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Luca­s­A­rts, a Lucas­film Ltd. com­pa­ny, is a lea­ding deve­lo­per and publis­her of inter­ac­ti­ve enter­tain­ment soft­ware world­wi­de for video game con­so­le sys­tems, com­pu­ters and the Inter­net. Based in San Fran­cis­co, Calif., as well as on the Inter­net at, Luca­s­A­rts was crea­ted in 1982 by Geor­ge Lucas to pro­vi­de an inter­ac­ti­ve ele­ment to his visi­on of a sta­te-of-the-art, mul­ti­fa­ce­ted enter­tain­ment company.

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