World Fantasy Awards 2010

Ges­tern wur­den auf der 36. World Fan­ta­sy Con­ven­ti­on in Colum­bus, Ohio die dies­jäh­ri­gen World Fan­ta­sy Awards ver­ge­ben.

Erneut kann sich Chi­na Mié­vil­le über eine Aus­zeich­nung als bes­ter Roman für sein Werk THE CITY AND THE CITY freu­en, das in die­sem Jahr offen­bar alles abräumt, was zu krie­gen ist.

In der Kate­go­rie »Collec­tion« gab es durch Stim­men­gleich­heit ein Unent­schie­den und damit zwei Gewin­ner.

Für ihr Lebens­werk wur­den Bri­an Lum­ley, Ter­ry Prat­chett und Peter Straub mit dem World Fan­ta­sy Life Achie­ve­ment Award aus­ge­zeich­net.

Die kom­plet­te Lis­te der Nomi­nier­ten und der Gewin­ner im voll­stän­di­gen Arti­kel.

Creative Commons License

Die Gewin­ner wur­den fett mar­kiert.


  • Blood of Ambro­se, James Enge (Pyr)
  • The Red Tree, Cait­lín R. Kier­nan (Roc)
  • The City & The City, Chi­na Mié­vil­le (Mac­mil­lan UK/ Del Rey)
  • Finch, Jeff Van­der­Meer (Under­land)
  • In Gre­at Waters, Kit Whit­field (Jona­than Cape UK/Del Rey)


  • The Women of Nell Gwynne’s, Kage Baker (Sub­ter­ra­ne­an)
  • The Lion’s Den, Ste­ve Duffy (Nemo­ny­mous Nine: Cern Zoo)
  • The Night Cache, Andy Dun­can (PS)
  • Sea-Hearts, Mar­go Lana­gan (X6 )
  • Ever­land, Paul Wit­co­ver (Ever­land and Other Sto­ries)

Short Sto­ry

  • I Needs Must Part, the Poli­ce­man Said, Richard Bowes (F&SF 12/09)
  • The Peli­can Bar, Karen Joy Fow­ler (Eclip­se Three)
  • A Jour­nal of Cer­tain Events of Sci­en­ti­fic Inte­rest from the First Sur­vey Voya­ge of the Sou­thern Waters by HMS Oce­lot, As Obser­ved by Pro­fes­sor Thad­de­us Bos­well, DPhil, MSc, or, A Lul­la­by, Helen Kee­b­le (Stran­ge Hori­zons 6/09)
  • Sin­ging on a Star, Ellen Kla­ges (Fire­birds Soa­ring)
  • The Per­sis­tence of Memo­ry, or This Space for Sale, Paul Park (Post­scripts 20/21: Edison’s Fran­ken­stein )
  • In Hiding, R.B. Rus­sell (Put­ting the Pie­ces in Place)
  • Light on the Water, Gene­vie­ve Valen­ti­ne (Fan­ta­sy 10/09)


  • Poe, Ellen Dat­low, ed. (Sola­ris)
  • Songs of The Dying Earth: Sto­ries in Honor of Jack Van­ce, Geor­ge R.R. Mar­tin & Gard­ner Dozois, eds. (Subterranean/Voyager)
  • Exo­tic Gothic 3: Stran­ge Visi­ta­ti­ons, Danel Olson, ed. (Ash-Tree)
  • Eclip­se Three, Jona­than Stra­han, ed. (Night Shade)
  • Ame­ri­can Fan­tastic Tales: Ter­ror and the Uncan­ny: From Poe to the Pulps/From the 1940s to Now, Peter Straub, ed. (Libra­ry of Ame­ri­ca)
  • The Very Best of Fan­ta­sy & Sci­ence Fic­tion: Six­tieth Anni­ver­s­a­ry Antho­lo­gy, Gor­don Van Gel­der, ed. (Tach­yon)

Collec­tion (Unent­schie­den)

  • We Never Talk About My Bro­ther, Peter S. Bea­gle (Tach­yon)
  • Fugue Sta­te, Bri­an Even­son (Cof­fee House)
  • The­re Once Lived a Woman Who Tried To Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby: Sca­ry Fai­ry Tales, Lud­mil­la Petrus­hevs­ka­ya (Pen­gu­in)
  • Nor­thwest Pas­sa­ges, Bar­ba­ra Roden (Prime)
  • Ever­land and Other Sto­ries, Paul Wit­co­ver (PS)
  • The Very Best of Gene Wolfe/The Best of Gene Wol­fe, Gene Wol­fe (PS /Tor)


  • John Jude Palen­car
  • John Picacio
  • Charles Vess
  • Jason Zer­ril­lo
  • Sam Weber

Spe­cial Award – Pro­fes­sio­nal

  • Peter & Nicky Crow­ther for PS Publi­shing
  • Ellen Dat­low for edi­t­ing antho­lo­gies
  • Hayao Miya­za­ki for Pon­yo
  • Bar­ba­ra & Chris­to­pher Roden for Ash-Tree Press
  • Jona­than Stra­han for edi­t­ing antho­lo­gies
  • Jacob & Rina Weis­man for Tach­yon Publi­ca­ti­ons

Spe­cial Award – Non-Pro­fes­sio­nal

  • John Ber­ly­ne for Powers: Secret His­to­ries
  • Neil Clar­ke, Che­ryl Mor­gan, & Sean Wal­lace for Clar­kes­world
  • Sus­an Marie Grop­pi for Stran­ge Hori­zons
  • John Kli­ma for Electric Velo­ci­pe­de
  • Bob Col­by, B. Dia­ne Mar­tin, David Shaw, and Eric M. Van for Rea­der­con
  • Ray Rus­sell & Rosa­lie Par­ker for Tar­tarus Press

World Fan­ta­sy Life Achie­ve­ment Awards

  • Bri­an Lum­ley
  • Ter­ry Prat­chett
  • Peter Straub

Cover THE CITY & THE CITY Copy­right 2009 Del Rey


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