Steampunk Hands Around The World: What – the heck – IS this Steampunk anyway?


In June 2013, the hono­ra­ry Mar­cus R. Gil­man (aka Mar­cus Rauch­fuss) held a lec­tu­re about Steam­punk at the Anglistics and Ame­ri­ca­nistics-Insti­tu­te of TH Dort­mund. I think it woud be a fit­ting addi­ti­on to the event »Steam­punk Hands Around The World« to again show a video of this lec­tu­re – espe­ci­al­ly as it was held in eng­lish. The video was taken and slight­ly edi­ted by yours tru­ly.

If you want to know more about »Steam­punk Hands Around The World« plea­se visit the blog of »Air­ship Ambass­adro« Kevin Steil, whe­re you can find an ever gro­wing list of events on the web in this »Febru­a­ry Of Steam«. Or have a look at the Face­book-event-page. And plea­se noti­ce the links below the video, they lead to many of the examp­les men­tio­ned by Mar­cus in the clip.

Arti­cle hea­der image made by Arace­li Rodríguez

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Mar­cus‹ Blog (ger­man & eng­lish):
Clock­wor­ker (ger­man):
Brass Gog­gles (eng­lish):
Steam­punk Muse­um (eng­lish):

Sven Möl­ler – Steam­punk-Design:
Hora­ti­us Steam:

Anja Bagus – Aether­hertz:

Vadim Voi­tek­ho­vitch:
Myke Amend:

Abney Park:
Dolls Of New Albi­on:
Vic­tor Sier­ra:
The Men That Will Not Be Bla­med For Not­hing:

Euro Steam Con:
Spa­nish Steam­punk-Forum:

Wareh­ouse 13:
Bruce Boxleitner’s Lan­tern City:

Feder & Schwert:

TH Dort­mund – Insti­tut für Anglis­tik und Ame­ri­ka­nis­tik:

Edi­ted by Ste­fan Holz­hau­er:


AutorIn: Stefan Holzhauer

Meist harm­lo­ser Nerd mit natür­li­cher Affi­ni­tät zu Pixeln, Bytes, Buch­sta­ben und Zahn­rä­dern. Kon­su­miert zuviel SF und Fan­ta­sy und schreibt seit 1999 online dar­über.

5 Kommentare for “Steampunk Hands Around The World: What – the heck – IS this Steampunk anyway?”



I total­ly agree with you, Ste­fan. This video is per­fect for #Steam­punk­Hands

My part­ner Ire­ne and I will never thank Mar­cus enough for fea­turing our cuf­flinks in this pre­sen­ta­ti­on :D

Best regards from Madrid!

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