STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC – Patch 1.1 auf den Testservern

Bio­Wa­re hat mit dem öffent­li­chen Pro­be­lauf des nächs­ten grö­ße­ren Patches (1.1) für STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC begon­nen, der wur­de näm­lich auf die Test­ser­ver aus­ge­spielt. Wie bei MMOs üblich dür­fen dort die Kun­den Bio­Wa­res Arbeit machen: die neue Ver­si­on aus­pro­bie­ren und dann gefun­de­ne Feh­ler mel­den. Neben den übli­chen Feh­ler­be­sei­ti­gun­gen han­delt es sich auch um das ers­te grö­ße­re Con­ten­t­up­date, es wird ein neu­er Flash­point hin­zu­ge­fügt. Des­sen Name lau­tet »Kaon Under Sie­ge« und ist für Spie­ler der Stu­fe 50 vor­ge­se­hen. Erreich­bar ist der Flash­point via Zio­st Shadow und Gav Dara­gon, er kann im nor­ma­len oder im heroi­schen Modus gespielt werden.

»Karag­gas Palast« war bis­lang eine klei­ne­re Ope­ra­ti­on mit nur einem Boss­geg­ner, die wird deut­lich auf­ge­pumpt: der Patch fügt der Instanz vier wei­te­re Bos­se hin­zu. Außer­dem wur­de ein Feh­ler besei­tigt, der Spie­ler dar­an hin­der­te, den Palast zu verlassen.

PvP war in SWTOR bis­her eine abso­lu­te Lach­num­mer, da Spie­ler aller Stu­fen gemein­sam in die War­zo­nes gewor­fen wur­den. Dass ein Level-15-Cha­rak­ter gegen einen auf Stu­fe 50 nicht lan­ge durch­hal­ten kann, soll­te auch jemand nach­voll­zie­hen kön­nen, der nicht viel Ahnung über MMOs hat. Hier wer­den nun ers­te Kor­rek­tu­ren vor­ge­nom­men. Mit dem Patch 1.1 wird das Pro­blem aller­dings nur mini­mal ver­bes­sert, denn aus­schließ­lich Spie­ler auf Stu­fe 50 wer­den in eige­nen PvP-Instan­zen spie­len. Alle ande­ren müs­sen nach wie vor zusam­men agie­ren – und auch das macht über­haupt kei­nen Sinn – ein­zig das Auf­tei­len in zehn-Level-Abschnit­te könn­te das PvP viel­leicht inter­es­sant gestalten.

Die gesam­ten (umfang­rei­chen) Patch­no­tes fin­det man hin­ter dem »wei­ter lesen«-Link.

Star Wars: The Old Repu­blic – Game Update 1.1


  • Anti-alia­sing is now avail­ab­le and can be enab­led in the pre­fe­ren­ces menu.

Clas­ses and Combat


  • Healing cau­sed by crowd con­trol abi­li­ties no lon­ger gene­ra­tes threat.
  • Tool­tips for abi­li­ties modi­fied by skill points now dis­play cor­rect dama­ge values.


  • This abi­li­ty now trans­fers to a new friend­ly tar­get without requi­ring deac­ti­va­ti­on on the pre­vious target.
  • Acti­vat­ing this abi­li­ty while tar­ge­ting a guar­ded or inva­lid tar­get will still togg­le the Guard abi­li­ty off.
  • A dis­tinct visu­al effect is now pre­sent on cha­rac­ters using Guard on ano­t­her cha­rac­ter, and ano­t­her effect is now pre­sent on the guar­ded cha­rac­ter if they lea­ve Guard’s range.


  • A new visu­al effect has been added to the user and the tar­get of the Taunt abi­li­ty for the dura­ti­on of its effect.

Jedi Con­su­lar

  • Pro­ject: This abi­li­ty no lon­ger shakes the screen of onlookers.


  • Batt­le Rea­di­ness: Now allows Com­bat Tech­ni­que to trig­ger once every 3 seconds.
  • Com­bat Tech­ni­que: Healing recei­ved through Com­bat Tech­ni­que has been incre­a­sed, sca­les pro­per­ly at hig­her levels, and can only be trig­ge­red once every 4.5 seconds.
  • Slow Time: This ability’s dama­ge has been incre­a­sed by 15% and it now slows the move­ment speed of all affec­ted targets.

Jedi Knight

  • For­ce Leap: This abi­li­ty no lon­ger func­tions on Por­ta­ble Holo Dancers.

Sith Inqui­si­tor

  • Dark Char­ge: Healing recei­ved through Dark Char­ge has been incre­a­sed, sca­les pro­per­ly at hig­her levels, and can only be trig­ge­red once every 4.5 seconds.
  • Over­char­ge Saber: Now allows Dark Char­ge to trig­ger once every 3 seconds.
  • Wither: Dama­ge has been incre­a­sed by 15% and it now slows the move­ment speed of all affec­ted targets.

Sith War­ri­or

  • Inter­ce­de: This abi­li­ty no lon­ger func­tions on Por­ta­ble Holo Dancers.
  • Shat­ter: this ability’s tool­tip now cor­rect­ly reflects its dama­ge; dama­ge from this abi­li­ty has not been adjusted.

Impe­ri­al Agent
Bug Fixes

  • Cor­rec­ted an issue whe­re acti­vat­ing cover, using Explo­si­ve Pro­be, and then using Sni­pe could cau­se Sni­pe to be interrupted.

Boun­ty Hunter

  • Incen­dia­ry Mis­si­le: This abi­li­ty is no lon­ger mis­clas­si­fied as an Area of Effect ability.

Com­pa­n­ion Characters


  • C2-N2 and 2V-R8 no lon­ger voca­li­ze craf­ting com­men­ta­ry during combat.
  • The Car­bo­ni­zed Stream com­pa­n­ion abi­li­ty no lon­ger breaks prematurely.

Kira Carsen

  • Fixed an issue that cau­sed play­ers to be unab­le to pro­gress in Kira’s affec­tion con­ver­sa­ti­ons. Play­ers pre­vious­ly affec­ted by this issue can now speak to Kira and pro­gress normally.

Bug Fixes

  • Com­pa­n­ions will now sell trash items when reques­ted, regard­less of group size.
  • Com­pa­n­ion healing abi­li­ties no lon­ger app­ly a per­ma­nent green effect on the character.
  • Fixed an issue that cau­sed Com­pa­n­ion Cha­rac­ters to some­ti­mes have the incor­rect appearan­ce in cinematics.

Crew Skills

Bug Fixes

  • Cor­rec­ted an issue that pre­ven­ted recent­ly com­ple­ted Crew Skill mis­si­ons from showing up in the next list of avail­ab­le missions.
  • Fixed a bug that could cau­se Crew Skills a cha­rac­ter didn’t have to appe­ar in the Crew Skills window.
  • Play­ers can no lon­ger loot har­ve­s­ting nodes they do not have the appro­pria­te Crew Skill for after a group mem­ber har­ve­sts (but does not loot) a node.

Flash­points and Operations


  • A new level 50 Flash­point, Kaon Under Sie­ge, is now avail­ab­le for play in Nor­mal and Hard Modes!
  • The Gav Dara­gon and the Zio­st Shadow have been expan­ded to accom­mo­da­te the Kaon Under Sie­ge gateway.
  • The dif­fi­cul­ty of some non-boss enemies in Flash­points has been adjusted.
  • Enemies now drop credits more fre­quent­ly in Flashpoints.


  • Gene­ral Ortol’s rocket fire dama­ge no lon­ger occurs when the rocket is not active.

The Black Talon

  • Some enemies in this Flash­point are no lon­ger invisible.

The Found­ry

  • Cor­rec­ted an issue that could cau­se the final boss to beco­me stuck at 10% health.

The Batt­le of Ilum

  • Krel Thak’s Allied Wee­quay Pira­tes have had their tough­ness redu­ced in Hard Mode.

The Fal­se Emperor

  • The Sith Entity’s aff­lic­tion abi­li­ty now pro­per­ly deals dama­ge in Hard Mode.
  • HK-47 now has the cor­rect amount of health in Nor­mal Mode.

Eter­ni­ty Vault

  • Play­ers are now able to suc­cess­ful­ly loot the chest after defea­ting the Infer­nal Council.
  • Peri­me­ter Defen­se Can­nons have been re-tun­ed and have impro­ved tar­ge­ting behaviors.
  • Soa’s Mind Trap and For­ce Throw abi­li­ties no lon­ger tar­get the same play­er mul­ti­ple times; they now tar­get every play­er in the group once.
  • Ball light­ning enemies sum­mo­ned by Soa deal dama­ge in a smal­ler radius.
  • The Anni­hi­la­ti­on Droid’s rocket burst attack no lon­ger deals dou­ble dama­ge in 16-play­er Operations.
  • Soa now sum­mons fewer ball light­ning enemies during the final round in 16-play­er Operations.

Karagga’s Palace

  • Four new bos­ses can now be batt­led by play­ers in Karagga’s Palace!
  • Play­ers no lon­ger get stuck attemp­t­ing to exit the Karagga’s Palace phase.

Bug Fixes

  • Cor­rec­ted an issue that pre­ven­ted some enemy NPCs from spaw­ning in Flashpoints.
  • The cor­rect error mes­sa­ge now dis­plays when a play­er attempts to enter a dif­fe­rent Flash­point than the rest of the group.
  • Flash­point gate­ways no lon­ger dis­play as oran­ge in incor­rect circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue that pre­ven­ted Flash­point dif­fi­cul­ty from being set properly.
  • Fixed an issue that cau­sed mapno­tes direc­ting play­ers to some Flash­points to not appe­ar correctly.
  • Cor­rec­ted map issu­es that made loca­ting mis­si­on objec­ti­ves on the Gav Dara­gon difficult.
  • Fixed an issue pre­ven­ting some play­ers from ope­ning a chest after a boss fight if the group was pre­vious­ly defea­ted by the boss.



  • An Item Modi­fi­ca­ti­on Table has been added to the Sup­plies are­as of the Repu­blic and Impe­ri­al Fleets.


  • Batt­le­mas­ter Gear Tokens have been con­ver­ted into Batt­le­mas­ter Com­men­da­ti­ons, which can be used to purcha­se any Batt­le­mas­ter gear. This allows play­ers to purcha­se any pie­ce of gear ins­tead of requi­ring them to purcha­se the pie­ce indi­ca­ted by the token.
  • Batt­le­mas­ter Bags now con­tain Batt­le­mas­ter Com­men­da­ti­ons ins­tead of Batt­le­mas­ter Gear Tokens. They still also con­tain Cham­pion Commendations.

Mis­si­ons and NPCs


  • All Bonus Seri­es mis­si­ons and their requi­red mis­si­ons can now be abandoned.
  • Cer­tain Wam­pas on Hoth that were prey­ing on lower-level cha­rac­ters have had their level reduced.


  • Pres­su­re Points: The Ler­an­tha Lur­ker no lon­ger enga­ges play­ers in com­bat befo­re com­ple­ting its spawn sequence.
  • Geroya be Haran: Objec­ti­ves rela­ted to this mis­si­on now glow when selected.
  • In Cold Blood: Enemies that use Armor Pier­cing Cell during this mis­si­on no lon­ger each stack a debuff on the player.
  • Shadow Spawn: The Sith Spawn no lon­ger knocks play­ers down for lon­ger than intended.
  • Thug­gish Beha­vi­or: Cor­rec­ted an issue that could cau­se the play­er to remain stuck in com­bat during this mis­si­on. The requi­red kills to com­ple­te this mis­si­on have been reduced.


  • Clim­bing the Lad­der: A con­ver­sa­ti­on rela­ted to this mis­si­on no lon­ger ends prematurely.
  • Droid Clean Up: Cor­rec­ted an issue that cau­sed the bonus mis­si­on to per­sist in the player’s mis­si­on log.
  • The Sum­mit: The dif­fi­cul­ty of the encoun­ter with Sido­ne has been reduced.
  • Vivi­car Awaits: Lowe­red the amount of enemies that attack the play­er during the step “Find a Way Past the For­ce Field.”

Bug Fixes

  • Jil­coln Cadera’s abi­li­ties now cor­rect­ly take into account whe­ther a play­er is immu­ne from knockbacks.
  • The “Pri­mal Des­troy­er” World Boss on Bel­sa­vis is now “Over­whel­ming” as intended.
  • The World Boss “The First” on Dro­mund Kaas no lon­ger inhi­bits Boun­ty Hunter’s Rapid Shots, and Impe­ri­al Agents will no lon­ger be kno­cked out of cover during com­bat with it.



  • The shut­tle room in Dorn Base Com­mand Cen­ter on Hoth is no lon­ger con­si­de­red con­tes­ted territory.
  • Ka on Voss is now a PvP Sanctuary.


  • Level 50 play­ers now par­ti­ci­pa­te in their own War­zo­ne bra­cket and will not be matched with lower-level players.


  • The dai­ly and wee­kly mis­si­on objec­ti­ves in Ilum now requi­re defea­ting enemy play­ers and/or collec­ting arma­ments from the cen­ter objective.
  • Play­ers now gain incre­a­sed Valor from play­er kills in Ilum.
  • Play­ers now gain incre­a­sed bonus Valor for kills based on the num­ber of objec­ti­ves con­trol­led by their faction.
  • Incre­a­sed bonus Valor is now gran­ted for play­er kills when defen­ding an objec­ti­ve your fac­tion owns.
  • A noti­fi­ca­ti­on is now dis­play­ed when a play­er gains Valor.
  • Three new respawn points have been added for each faction.
  • Com­pa­n­ions are now restric­ted from the PvP objec­ti­ve area on Ilum.
  • Noti­fi­ca­ti­ons are now dis­play­ed when enemy play­ers are clo­se to an objective.

Bug Fixes

  • The scoreboard value for “Hig­hest Pro­tec­tion Per Sin­gle Life” now func­tions correctly.
  • Play­ers who have left a War­zo­ne can no lon­ger recei­ve an MVP vote from teammates.
  • Your PvP sta­tus will now be tog­gled auto­ma­ti­cal­ly upon lea­ving a PvP region.
  • Addi­tio­nal feed­back is now pro­vi­ded when a play­er attempts to togg­le their PvP flag.
  • The Bols­ter tool­tip now more accu­rate­ly repres­ents the buff’s effects.


  • Cor­rec­ted a rare issue that could cau­se the Frog­dogs to be decla­red the win­ner in a 0–0 match even if the Rot­worms held the ball last.


  • Moun­ta­ble tur­rets in Ilum no lon­ger deal dama­ge to tar­gets behind them or out­side their range.
  • Tur­rets no lon­ger immedia­te­ly dis­mount the play­er after use.



  • Fixed a bug that pre­ven­ted the mini­map tit­le from dis­play­ing when loading into the game or refres­hing the UI.
  • Cor­rec­ted an issue that cau­sed some mapno­tes to disap­pe­ar from the mini­map when other mapno­tes were updated.


  • Item hyper­links now dis­play stats for craf­ted rese­arch items properly.
  • Item hyper­links no lon­ger dis­play erro­ne­ous addi­tio­nal infor­ma­ti­on rela­ting to sche­ma­tics when examined.
  • Attemp­t­ing to place a non-mis­si­on item into the mis­si­on inven­to­ry now dis­plays an error message.
  • Drag­ging equip­ment onto the cha­rac­ter paper doll no lon­ger prompts an item dele­ti­on noti­ce. Items drag­ged to the paper doll are now equip­ped if possible.
  • Item set bonu­ses now appe­ar on the tool­tip when viewing an item on a vendor.
  • Items that can be modi­fied now dis­play with the cor­rect loot color in the loot roll window.
  • Com­pa­ra­ti­ve tool­tips now cor­rect­ly dis­play stat dif­fe­ren­ces when mou­sing over items in the Crew Skills window.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the tool­tip dis­play for abi­li­ty coold­owns over one hour in length.
  • The inter­face for split­ting stacks of items now dis­plays correctly.
  • Ser­vers that are online now always dis­play on top of ser­vers that are off­line in the Ser­ver Select screen.
  • Cor­rec­ted a typo­gra­phi­cal error in the “Addi­tio­nal Com­man­ds” con­text menu option.
  • Play­ers near­by a play­er who achie­ves a new Lega­cy level no lon­ger recei­ve the Lega­cy level-up notification.
  • Lega­cy name dis­play pre­fe­ren­ces now per­sist when tra­vel­ling bet­ween planets.
  • A new con­fir­ma­ti­on dia­lo­gue now appears when sub­mit­ting spam reports in game.
  • Sor­ting now works cor­rect­ly in the Guilds tab.

Mis­cel­la­ne­ous Bug Fixes

  • The owner of a holo­call con­ver­sa­ti­on is no lon­ger shown in the last frame of the cinematic.
  • The space­bar but­ton is now reco­gni­zed when a play­er pres­ses it to pro­gress after a loading screen even if the space­bar but­ton has been re-bound.
  • Addi­tio­nal issu­es that could impact per­for­mance on Taris have been addressed.
  • Vani­ty pets can no lon­ger be con­si­de­red tar­gets for any abilities.
  • Cor­rec­ted an issue that could cau­se some pre­fe­ren­ces to reset to defaults upon area transitions.
  • An Aim Dat­a­cron on Ilum is now acces­si­ble and no lon­ger repeats its initi­al cine­ma­tic once used.
  • A Dat­a­cron on Coru­scant is no lon­ger blo­cked by unin­ten­tio­nal collision.

Patch­no­tes Copy­right BioWare/LucasArts/EA, Pro­mo­fo­to »Der Ver­trag von Alder­a­an« Copy­right 2009 Lucas­film Enter­tain­ment Company

AutorIn: Stefan Holzhauer

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