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Inspi­ra­tion can strike the Steam­punk on many occa­sions, but here in Ger­manys Northrhine-West­phalia we have an espe­cial­ly rich her­itage of arti­facts from the indus­tri­al rev­o­lu­tion. The area where I live is a city-tri­an­gle that con­sists of Wup­per­tal, Solin­gen and Rem­scheid, all reknown for spe­cial prod­ucts like tools (Rem­scheid), knifes and blades (Solin­gen) and  tex­tile fab­ri­ca­tion and dye­ing (Wup­per­tal). Rem­scheid, by the way, was the birth­place of Wil­helm Rönt­gen, inven­tor of the X-ray, but that is anoth­er sto­ry.

If the bold explor­er of the Coun­try of Berg (ger­man: »Ber­gis­ches Land«, named after the for­mer counts of Berg) seems to have reached a fence with a sign on it that reads »The End Of The World«, ignores this and just moves on, his trusty machete in his hand, he may reach Rade­vormwald-Dahler­au, a small flock of hous­es on the shores of the riv­er Wup­per. Here you can find the Wülf­ing-Muse­um.

ControlsThe Muse­um war once a cloth mill. After the firm got ban­crupt in 1996 for­mer work­ers con­vert­ed it into a muse­um that not only shows old­er and new­er tech­niques of tex­tile man­u­fac­tur­ing and refine­ment but also hous­es relics from the indus­tri­al rev­o­lu­tion. The enter­prise ran under the name »Johann Wülf­ing & Sohn« and was found­ed 1674 in Rem­scheid-Lennep. In the ear­ly 19th cen­tu­ry they moved to Dahler­au, because they were able to use the riv­er Wup­per as a means of pow­er gen­er­a­tion as ear­ly looms were water pow­ered. But in 1891 they bought a steam engine that not only pro­vid­ed the pow­er for the man­u­fac­tur­ing but also was used to sup­ply Dahler­au and Rem­scheid-Lennep with elec­tric­i­ty. This steam engine ist still there and can be vis­it­ed (see above and below), along with oth­er old exhibits.

So, if you hap­pen to be in the area, take the oppor­tu­ni­ty the vis­it the Wülf­ing-Muse­um in the local Hob­bit-lands, as you would miss incred­i­ble Steam­punk-inspi­ra­tion, as the images above and below may prove.

All pho­tos are by me, they are under a Cre­ative-Com­mons-license: CC BY-NC-SA

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