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In­spi­ra­ti­on can strike the Steam­punk on many oc­ca­si­ons, but here in Ger­ma­nys Nor­thrhi­ne-West­pha­lia we have an es­pe­ci­al­ly rich he­ri­ta­ge of ar­ti­facts from the in­du­stri­al re­vo­lu­ti­on. The area whe­re I live is a city-tri­ang­le that con­sists of Wup­per­tal, So­lin­gen and Rem­scheid, all re­known for spe­cial pro­ducts like tools (Rem­scheid), kni­fes and bla­des (So­lin­gen) and  tex­ti­le fa­bri­ca­ti­on and dy­eing (Wup­per­tal). Rem­scheid, by the way, was the birth­place of Wil­helm Rönt­gen, in­ven­tor of the X-ray, but that is ano­t­her sto­ry.

If the bold ex­plo­rer of the Coun­try of Berg (ger­man: »Ber­gi­sches Land«, na­med af­ter the for­mer counts of Berg) seems to have re­a­ched a fence with a sign on it that reads »The End Of The World«, igno­res this and just mo­ves on, his trus­ty ma­che­te in his hand, he may re­ach Ra­de­vormwa­ld-Dah­ler­au, a small flock of hou­ses on the shores of the ri­ver Wup­per. Here you can find the Wül­fing-Mu­se­um.

ControlsThe Mu­se­um war once a cloth mill. Af­ter the firm got ban­crupt in 1996 for­mer workers con­ver­ted it into a mu­se­um that not only shows ol­der and ne­wer tech­ni­ques of tex­ti­le ma­nu­fac­tu­ring and re­fi­ne­ment but also hou­ses re­lics from the in­du­stri­al re­vo­lu­ti­on. The en­ter­pri­se ran un­der the name »Jo­hann Wül­fing & Sohn« and was foun­ded 1674 in Rem­scheid-Len­nep. In the ear­ly 19th cen­tu­ry they mo­ved to Dah­ler­au, be­cau­se they were able to use the ri­ver Wup­per as a me­ans of power ge­ne­ra­ti­on as ear­ly looms were wa­ter powe­r­ed. But in 1891 they bought a steam en­gi­ne that not only pro­vi­ded the power for the ma­nu­fac­tu­ring but also was used to sup­ply Dah­ler­au and Rem­scheid-Len­nep with elec­tri­ci­ty. This steam en­gi­ne ist still the­re and can be vi­si­ted (see above and be­low), along with other old ex­hi­bits.

So, if you hap­pen to be in the area, take the op­por­tu­ni­ty the vi­sit the Wül­fing-Mu­se­um in the lo­cal Hob­bit-lands, as you would miss in­credi­ble Steam­punk-in­spi­ra­ti­on, as the images above and be­low may pro­ve.

All pho­tos are by me, they are un­der a Crea­ti­ve-Com­mons-li­cen­se: CC BY-NC-SA

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