Steampunk Hands Around The World: What – the heck – IS this Steampunk anyway?


In June 2013, the honorary Marcus R. Gilman (aka Marcus Rauchfuss) held a lecture about Steampunk at the Anglistics and Americanistics-Institute of TH Dortmund. I think it woud be a fitting addition to the event “Steampunk Hands Around The World” to again show a video of this lecture – especially as it was held in english. The video was taken and slightly edited by yours truly.

If you want to know more about “Steampunk Hands Around The World” please visit the blog of “Airship Ambassadro” Kevin Steil, where you can find an ever growing list of events on the web in this “February Of Steam”. Or have a look at the Facebook-event-page. And please notice the links below the video, they lead to many of the examples mentioned by Marcus in the clip.

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Marcus’ Blog (german & english):
Clockworker (german):
Brass Goggles (english):
Steampunk Museum (english):

Sven Möller – Steampunk-Design:
Horatius Steam:

Anja Bagus – Aetherhertz:

Vadim Voitekhovitch:
Myke Amend:

Abney Park:
Dolls Of New Albion:
Victor Sierra:
The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing:

Euro Steam Con:
Spanish Steampunk-Forum:

Warehouse 13:
Bruce Boxleitner’s Lantern City:

Feder & Schwert:

TH Dortmund – Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik:

Edited by Stefan Holzhauer:

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5 Kommentare for “Steampunk Hands Around The World: What – the heck – IS this Steampunk anyway?”


I totally agree with you, Stefan. This video is perfect for #SteampunkHands

My partner Irene and I will never thank Marcus enough for featuring our cufflinks in this presentation :D

Best regards from Madrid!

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